Beauty Tips for Eyelid



Eyelid lift and disposal Of swellings

Closing the incision

Beauty Tips for Eyelid

Beauty tips for Eyelid:

  • First aid for eye injuries:
    • When striking the eye occurs
    • Gently apply cool compresses
    • To relieve pain and swelling
    • Avoid applying eye pressure.
    • In the event of the darkening of the eyes, severe pain, or disturbance of vision, you must visit Us.
    • Do not tolerate eye strokes. Because a slight blow can lead to a breakup:
      • Retina and vision loss
      • A cut or puncture of the eye
    • The eyes must be covered with a clear protective cap until reaching the doctor.
    • Avoid applying pressure to the eye cover
    • Avoid rinsing the eyes with water
    • Avoid removing anything from the eye
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