Dental Services

Diagnosis and treatment plan with costs before starting any treatment:

Note that the list of our prices is competitive with other clinics and can be viewed at any time.

Dental cleaning and protection:

Calculus removal  and treatment of tooth discoloration caused by smoking or other reasons.

Teeth Whitening:

Using plasma technology or the Boost used in the finest dental clinics around the world which gives the maximum degree of whiteness of teeth and less degree of tooth sensitivity and notice the difference immediately after the appointment.

Treat all kinds of caries:

Types and conservative treatments for adults and children.  And application of materials that close the cracks in the teeth to prevent future caries in children teeth, and the application of fluoride to children’s teeth to protect them from decay.

Periodontal treatment and surgery:

Halitosis treatment – treatment of gingivitis and periodontal treatment and surgical cosmetic.

Treatment of nerve roots:

Treatment of microscopic root canal treatment and pull all the teeth nerve, and there is microscopic devices necessary in the treatment of surgical apecictomies.

Cosmetic fillings:

Tooth Lenses (Veneers) for those wishing to improve the colour and shape of the front teeth for a beautiful smile.

Fixed Prosthesis (dental crowns, bridges and ceramic interfaces):

Where they are manufactured under the supervision of our doctors in the latest Kingdom coefficient to ensure the accuracy and stability of colours manufactured for life, God willing.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:

Oral and dental surgery – surgical extraction normal and without complications or pain after extraction and under the supervision of oral dental surgeons.

Preventive Orthodontics of all kinds:

Wires (normal – transparent) for children and adults.

Dental Implants high-quality system and supported globally:

Available at the Department of Dental implants several types of high quality and that are commensurate with all cases.

X-ray units:

Centre is equipped with the latest digital radiological devices where there is all kinds of Panoramic X-ray of the teeth and Cephalometric  and a CT scan, which gives the least degree of radiation forcing on the smallest details of human radiography.

Medical sterilization unit:

Equipped with the latest autoclaves used in the world (Plasma Sterilization) and adopt the latest techniques to ensure maximum protection for patients and doctors.